Showroom Vinfast – Paris 8 – France


Project : Development and restructuring of a commercial premises over 5 levels
Surface : Phase 1 – 285 m2,  phases 2+3 (in progress) – 1 100 m2
Date: 2022 –
Role : Local architect
Status: Phase 1 Completed; phase 2 in progress


We represented  as a local architect the German architectural firm Schwitzke & Partner on the project  converting in phase 1 a ground floor space into a showroom for the electric car brand Vinfast and in phases 2 + 3 completing the rehabilitation of the basement and three floors for the new headquarters.

The building is located  in the 8th district of Paris and was a part of the Haussmann urban restructuring program of Paris in 1853-1870. The façades of the building date from that era, but inside the walls we discovered are  dating from the 17th century, and the vaulted cellars possibly from even before. These historical layers made the engineering of the project challenging, while the strict rules set by the heritage architects due to the proximity of the Madeleine church, a historical monument, set precise limits on the parameters of the external changes.