Shop for Habitat, Boulevard des Capucines – Paris 9 – France


Location: Paris, France
Project: Renovation of retail space
Surface: 1 700 m2
Date: 2004
Role: Architect
Status: Completed


The refurbishment we conceived of the former ”Conran Store” as the « new Madeleine Store” for Habitat, is next to the world renowned Olympia Theatre. Key words in the brief included “not too serious”, “fun”, “a playground”, “friendly”, and “entertainment”, within this “new Home of Habitat”.


A great black glass mosaic portal welcomes clients and announces the transition with the refurbished main sales areas on two basement levels. A giant “skin” has been applied around the staircase area to harmonize the space and create a linkage between the levels, thus providing a sense of “visual quietness”, an essential quality in the new Habitat stores.
The formal “Olympia Grande Vitrine” to the right of the main entry celebrates Habitat’s presence in Haussmann’s Paris and pays homage to its esteemed neighbor. The architecture of the basement areas has been modified and the lighting has been totally changed, respecting the evolving “store concept principles”.