Hospital Esquirol in Saint-Maurice – Paris – France


Project carried out with Bontempi Architecture
Project: Capacity studies and preliminary programming
Surface: 35,000m2
Date: 2020
Role: Architect / Urban planner


A route starts from the Château de Vincennes through the vast Parc du Bois and arrives at an esplanade, a sort of belvedere, leading towards an immense urban panorama. Then a steep slope descends towards the Marne at the confluence with the Seine: this is the site of the Esquirol Hospital.


This magnificent ensemble, built in freestone and rubble in the 19th century, made up of 18 cloisters, sits on two different sides with in the center a main courtyard on two levels and a church in the center. A highway now separates the magnificent monument from the river. But fantasy inspired us with a proposal that overcomes and covers the motorway and regains landscaped access to the water. A dream, of course, with a river port, a beach and swimming pools. A dream, where the fantastic residences reintroduce this extraordinary historical ensemble into the green city.


The mission consists of carrying out feasibility studies on the built heritage of the former Esquirol Hospital in Saint-Maurice. The major part of the program includes exceptional housing, the living areas envisaged will be slightly above the current standards.